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2.0" square
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2.0" round Gauge - LCD Display
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Product-LCD Pressure Gauge-2.5" round-DC 12 V

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LCD Pressure Gauge
ZHCGB Series


Lower Mount
Rubber shroud:no
1K/3K/5K Psi,
30/100/200/300 Psi
Size: 67x43mm
Weight: Approx. 135-205g



Stainless steel or PP diaphragm oil-filled silicon sensor


Media: Liquids and gases compatible with stainless steel or PP



1.         Burst pressure: 200% F.S.

2.         Proof pressure: 150% F.S.

3.         Accuracy ± 0.3% ± 1 digit @25oC

4.         Resolution is better than 0.1%

5.         Four digits LCD display

6.         Dual-polarity value display

7.         User zeroing

8.         Auto-off function

9.         Typical battery life is over 8,000 times

(each time180 seconds)

10.     Battery indication

11.     Software calibration

12.     Standards used in this calibration are traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST).

13.     Digital calibration and setting data stored in EEPROM

14.     Function

Ø         Continuous reading v.s. Peak & hold selectable

Ø         Always on v.s. Auto-off selectable

Ø         Auto-off time selectable

Ø         Four units selectable

Pressure gauge: Psi, Bar, Kgf/cm2, KPa

Ø         Maximum display value setting

Minimum display value settin